85 Years on and Still Going Strong – Marshalls Come Home

Marshall Steam Engines and Tractors are still to be found in working condition at virtually all steam gatherings throughout the country and overseas. There is only one event however when these machines return to their place of birth. Once again for Fathers Day the Marshall Club and the Heritage Centre assisted with bringing 24 vehicles with the Marshall marque back to their home in Marshalls Yard.

This year saw some rather special exhibits including a recently purchased Marshall 18/30 Diesel Tractor built in 1934 and being one of only two in the country that has spent its entire life in the UK with many of the others going abroad.

1934 Marshall 18/30

Another special exhibit this year was the very rare Marshall 6HP ‘S’ Type Oil Engine, this engine is stamped as No.1 and is believed to be one of only five engines of this type manufactured by the Gainsborough firm. Although suffering from some minor frost damage on its casting, its owner Paul Marsden is confident to have it up and running soon.

Marshall 6HP S Type

This year saw the event play host to a couple of Grain Marshall combines, a tractor drawn ‘Silver Queen’ and the only known Grain Marshall Self Propelled combine which was a sight to behold running down the yard.

Grain Marshall Combine

There was a good selection of other Marshall Tractors with representatives from across the years from the 12/20 through to the last tractor designed at Gainsborough in the Marshall 100  4×4 still looking very much the modern tractor  despite being 35 years old. Two of the smallest  items on show where also causing quite a bit of  interest, a fascinating model of a steel frame Marshall thrashing drum. that, although part finished allowed the visitors to see the detailed internal workings which are seldom seen. The other a currently being restored Marshall Trench Pump from the first world war.

The day ended with a presentation to Bridget Laycock from the Marshall Club members on her retirement after 15 years of running the club. With a great deal of thanks and appreciation from all the members attending for everything she has done for the club The banner being handed over to 4th generation Marshall man Ian Palmer who we wish every success.

Bridget Laycock and her gift

Thanks goes out to all of the members who return their tractors to Marshalls Yard every year making this one of our favourite events on the calendar.

Thanks must also go to the management team of Marshalls Yard for allowing us to return to this fabulous venue year on year.


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