New Medical and Browning Family Exhibitions

The volunteers at the Heritage Centre have launched two new temporary exhibitions, to give the general public a fantastic opportunity to view donated items from the archive collection not currently on permanent display. The first exhibition showcases our large medical collection and visitors can have a go at guessing the different uses of some of these interesting looking items that might make you go ahhhh!!

Publicity Officer, Gemma Clarke said: ‘It is fantastic to see the collection of medical items on display as they allow a brief insight into just some of the items that are housed in our vast archive collection. Many thanks to Exhibitions Officer Lynne Birkitt and the archive team for all of their hard work. As you enter the exhibition you will see medical charts that were once used in Gainsborough’s local schools as well as our local medical facilities. Also, on display is a range of different pieces of equipment that would have been used to assist in the fields of dentistry, chiropody and nursing including the Maxim Inhaler or Pipe of Peace that was invented to relieve the effect of asthma and bronchitis.’

The exhibition includes a nurse’s bag that was used by a community nurse called Lizzie King. She devoted her whole life to nursing the sick and helping the poor and the contents of her nurse’s bag give a real insight into the equipment that she would have used to attend to her patients. During the Victorian era, there were many great advancements that helped to develop the medical profession and the items on display are evidence of these changes.

The second exhibition highlights the Browning family a local Gainsborough family. The last surviving member of the family donated a range of items to share their family story and preserve the objects for future generations. The story includes Arthur Browning who worked for the local firm of Roses and his idea and patent model of a coin rejecter in which he invented is on display alongside a range of documents and images that chart the story of his work.

Gemma continues, ‘The Heritage Centre’s new temporary exhibitions are now open so if you would like to explore the medical and Browning family items from our collection then please pop in on Tuesdays or Saturdays from 10am to 4pm or on Sundays 11am to 4pm. The exhibitions show how important donating items from your family or local history are in order to help preserve our local heritage for the future, so if you have any items of interest that you would like to donate or share with the town then please get in touch and make sure you drop in to see our latest exhibitions.’


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