Gainsborough History Quiz

Try out this special quiz to test your knowledge on Gainsborough’s history. In next week’s blog all the answers with some interesting historical stories will be posted to help you learn more about Gainsborough’s awesome history!!

The questions are highlighted below in bold and the sections include History, Entertainment and Artists, Politics, War, Industry, Churches, Pictures and Places.


1. Gainsborough was the Capital of England in 1013. Which King was in charge at that time?

The story of the Mayflower was of an English ship that transported the first English Puritans, known today as the Pilgrims, they sailed from Plymouth, England to the New World in 1620. Gainsborough has a special connection to the Mayflower anniversary as separatist movements originated in this region that led the Pilgrims on their journey to America.

2. The United Reform Church stands as a memorial to the pastor of the Mayflower Pilgrims but do you know the pastor’s name?

The Heritage Centre has been showcasing the fascinating untold story of the Mayflower II and interactive videos can be found on the Gainsborough Heritage Association’s Facebook page or the Centre’s new YouTube channel. The story details how Warwick Charlton built a replica Mayflower ship in 1957 to retrace the historic voyage of our ancestors back in 1620.

3. Until recent years where did the Mayflower II ship reside?
4. In 1947 a Great Flood occurred in Gainsborough, how has the riverside altered since that time to help defend the town of Gainsborough from further floods and tidal surges?

1947 Flood in Gainsborough on Balfour Street

5. Paul Kemp and Andy Birkitt are the founders of the Gainsborough Heritage Association and back in 1993 they held their first exhibition, but where in Gainsborough was this exhibition held?

Paul Kemp and Andy Birkitt unveiling a special plaque at the 2019 anniversary event to celebrate the Association’s twenty-fifth Anniversary.

Entertainment and Artists

John Alderton is a famous actor who was born in Gainsborough and starred in Upstairs Downstairs. The program was set in a large townhouse in Belgravia in central London, the series depicts the servants—”downstairs”—and their masters, the family—”upstairs”—between the years 1903 and 1930, and shows the slow decline of the British aristocracy.

6. What profession did John play in this British Television Series? 

John Alderton in Sydney in November 2012

Julia Deakin became one of the Heritage Association’s Vice Presidents and re-opened the Gainsborough Heritage Centre after a project to create new permanent displays in 2016. She was born in 1952 in Gainsborough and is a British actress.

7. Julia Deakin starred alongside Jim Broadbent in which 2007 film?

Julia Deakin 

Bill Podmore was also born in Gainsborough and was a British Television Producer well known for his work on Coronation Street.

8. Bill worked on producing Coronation Street for 12 years but what was the first programme that he worked on?
9. What is the famous British actress called who has a road named after her in the town?

Dual Carriageway

10. What is the name of a local Gainsborough Artist who established an art studio on Curtis Walk?


11. A collection of streets to the west of Ropery Road are named Campbell, Haldane, George, Asquith, Grey, Birrell and Burns. What do you think all of there names have in common? 
12. Who was the MP for Gainsborough prior to our current sitting MP Sir Edward Leigh?
13. Who was the first Mayor of Gainsborough?


14. What famous battle took place in Gainsborough in the year 1643?
15. During WW1 what aeroplane was produced in Gainsborough by Marshall Sons and Co at Marshall’s Carr House Works on Lea Road?
16. Where was the National Shell Filling Factory No. 22 located in Gainsborough in WW1?
17. What year was Gainsborough’s Cenotaph unveiled?

Gainsborough’s Cenotaph

18. What was the first aircraft to arrive at RAF Blyton in WW2?
19. What year did the Market Street Raid happen in WW2?


20. William Rose is famous for producing packaging machinery at the Roses factory in Gainsborough. What mode of transport did the company also produce?
21. What year was Eminox founded?

If you take a look at the picture below it shows a house that sits right at the top of Colville Terrace which is near where the Tesco supermarket now stands in the town.

22. If you look closely you can see that the house has been cut off at an odd angle, can you work out why this might be?

Colville Terrace

23. What year did Marshall’s start producing the Field Marshall tractor?

Paul Ducksbury on a Field Marshall Series 1 outside the former Britannia factory of Marshall’s in 2018 on Father’s Day

24. What was discovered in Gainsborough in January 1959?


25. What year was St Stephen’s Methodist Church built?

St Stephen’s Methodist Church

26. When was the current St Paul’s Morton opened?

St Paul’s Church Morton

27. Listen to the audio clip below of Rosemary Speck talking about nearby Church bells to where she grew up in the south of the town, can you identify which Church this might be?

Rosemary Speck Oral history interview, 2015

28. What years did the Holy Trinity Church convert into the Trinity Arts Centre?

Trinity Arts Centre


29. The picture below shows a building that was demolished in 2013, do you remember whereabouts in the town that this building stood and what was the building used for?

Building demolished in 2013

30. The picture below shows KFC in Gainsborough, do you remember the building that once stood in this location?


31. The pictures below show two buildings that have been demolished in the town, do you remember what the buildings were used for and when they were demolished?


32. What year was the Trent Bridge freed from tolls?
33. When was the Trent Bridge widened to accommodate more traffic?

Gainsborough Bridge

34. When was the Gainsborough Library opened?

Gainsborough Library

35. What Gainsborough supermarket is currently based in the area where the Union Workhouse once stood?
36. When was the Water Tower on Heapham Road built?

Water Tower

Remember to look out for next week’s blog for the answers to the quiz questions. I will also be sharing some interesting historical information alongside the answers. A big thank you to my parents Jonathan and Deborah Clarke for helping with some of the questions!!


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