Research room

Our research room is situated on our 2nd floor of the building and in moving it to this location we have effectively moved all of our archival material onto one floor.
Currently our research room houses files of information and newspaper cuttings that are split into various subject areas including schools, villages and birth, deaths and marriages.
Our two feature book cases house our files of Marshall and Roses information in this room, we have dedicated staff who are able to offer assistance as well.
The Archive stores A and B.
Our stores house our archival material which are either too large to be in the research area or are part of our vast objects collection. We do not allow public access to these areas.
Copying and Handling of Items/Documents
It is important to understand that just because we allow access to this floor, it does not mean that everything can be copied or handled. There are varying reasons we do not allow this and a few reasons are:-
  •  Items of a rare nature are not handled because we would hate to see them encounter damage through mishandling.
  • Items of a fragile nature are never publicly handled as this can cause dramatic deterioration of an item due to natural oils secreted from fingertips.
  • The damage caused by photocopying fragile papers can be detrimental and we take measures to ensure that documents are well cared for in accordance with Museum standards.
  • Some documents and photographs have been given to us with the proviso that copies are not taken so we abide by this at all times.
Much of our archives have either already been digitised or are in the process of being digitised and although this is both a timely and costly exercise it is felt this is the best way to preserve and provide access to our many original documents.
It is important to note that we do charge for copies of information at £1 per A4 page of black and white photocopy. It is unreasonable to expect that we would copy items without charge as we have had to pay for the equipment and materials to do so, the materials you are having copied have taken a group of people several years to compile so that they are presented how they are today.
We do not allow the photographing of any of the items in the folders via camera or phone. If you wish to obtain copies then please do so by asking staff for photocopies.
Our staff will help all of our visitors and we do our best to provide assistance with your research where we can, please remember however, we are volunteers who have kindly given up our time to help you.
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