Access and facilities

Access to the building is via the double doors at the side nearest the gateway to the Post Office Collection Office.  Signs on the other doors to the building clearly indicate where you need to go.

Group visits

If you are a group that wishes to arrange a visit to the Heritage Centre then we can, by special arrangement, open on other days or evenings. We would always ask for an estimate of group numbers for a visit so we can ensure we provide enough staff to ensure your safety.  For further details please enquire at the shop desk, email us or call 01427 610526.

Evening Visit

Evening visit by special arrangement

The Exchange Tea Room

The Tea Room is sited on the ground floor, just off from the shop and we operate this area so it can be accessed with or without paying to look round the exhibition areas.  We serve a lovely range of refreshments including Twining’s tea, Kenco coffee, Hot chocolate, Fentiman’s fizzy drinks and a wonderful choice of cakes. All hot drinks have a small packet of biscuits included in the price.

Exchange Tea Room

Toilet Facilities

The toilet are sited on the ground floor just off from the Exchange Tea Room, there are 2 toilets, one, of which, has wheelchair access with call alarm installed.

The washroom facilities provided are intended for use by our staff and visitors to the tea room or heritage centre only,  public toilet amenities are sited across the road in Roseway Car Park.

Wheelchair and Mobility Aided Visitors

We have access into the building for wheelchair users and there is a call button once you get inside the first set of doors to alert staff to assist with entering the building.

As with many older buildings we have varying levels and steps to contend with.  For our wheelchair or mobility assisted visitors we have a ramp which can be placed to allow access to our ground floor exhibition area, our tea room is already on the same level and has been designed to be spacious enough for wheelchair users. Access to the first floor exhibition area and the 2nd floor research room are via the lift, please note it is intended for use by 1 occupied wheelchair with carer at a time.

For reasons of fire safety we regret that we are only able to allow 2 wheelchairs on the upper floors at any one time.

Public Safety

We have heavily invested in ensuring that our staff are as trained and knowledgeable as possible. You may not realise it but you can feel happy in the knowledge that we have trained Fire Marshals on the premises each time we open.  We also make sure that whenever we are open that there is at the very least 1 trained First Aider on the premises. 

Bob Clark during fire training

Cente volunteer Bob Clarke during fire training with Lindum Fire Services.

As a valued visitor you can help us to help you! 

If a fire alarm sounds then please do follow the instructions given to you by the Fire Marshal. 

Please do not attempt to assist the Fire Marshals in their job.

Never attempt to go looking for fellow members of your group in other areas of the building, we have a meeting point where you can be united with members of your group and this is in the rear car park behind the Heritage Centre.

If a First Aider is carrying out duties then please give them space so they can do their job.  The First Aider will ask for help if needed.

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