Newspaper archives

Newspapers are an invaluable resource when tracing your family tree as they reveal the daily lives of our families Local newspapers include more than just announcements of births, deaths and marriages. Some articles might include famous visitors to the town and in the area, advertisements of different periods so giving a good idea of the fashions of the time.
The Gainsborough News can give a glimpse of national and local events. It can show how people locally dealt with significant tragic events like World War I and World War II. It can detail how the Town changed during the demolition of the yards, pubs and slums. It can show how the spread of epidemics affected us from a local point of view.
The humble newspaper may also hold information about the house you live, with sale notices or repossession orders. It can reveal information about the people who lived there before you too.
Sometimes you may also find photographs of the street where you live and how that has changed over the years.
Research Room
In our Research Room we have hundreds of folders, most of these have been created using articles from the Gainsborough News newspaper.
The files are conveniently split into varying subject areas and just a few examples are listed below:-
Much can be gained from using these as a searching tool for genealogy and we have staff on hand to help with searches. We also have a dedicated research team who can do searches for you for a small charge.
Work is currently under way to digitise our collection of old newspapers in order to make these more readily accessible to the general public, so keep an eye out in our news items for more details of this project.
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