Exterior view of the old Lea Road Baths

Lea Road Public Swimming Pool and Baths

As early as 1875, the question of building baths at Gainsborough was being brought up at meetings of the local Board of Health when it was suggested that a piece of land on Lea Road near the Waterworks be obtained for such a purpose. But it wasn’t until 1881 that

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The staithes and wharves of our old town

The Life and Times of Thomas Miller: The Basket Maker Poet

Thomas Miller, celebrated as the Basket Maker Poet, holds an esteemed place among self-taught Victorian authors. His life story is a poignant narrative of overcoming adversity and achieving literary distinction. Born on August 31, 1807, in Sailor’s Alley, Gainsborough, situated on the banks of the river Trent, Miller’s early life

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78604 Gen Arrgt of 8 RD Diesel Road Roller

Marshall Engineering Drawing Collection Project

As some of you may already know the Gainsborough Heritage Centre houses one of the largest collections of original Marshall engineering drawings in the country. For almost as long as we have owned this collection, we have been supplying copies of these engineering drawings to enthusiasts around the globe to

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Shopping Memories of Gainsborough

Our Coffee, Cake and Reminiscence morning at Gainsborough Library was well attended with lots of senior citizens who were more than happy to share their memories prompted by a wealth of historic photographs provided by the library, the heritage centre and several kind individuals. We were also delighted to welcome

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Coffee, Cake and Memories – A Reminiscence Morning about Shopping in Gainsborough

Come along on Tuesday 7th May to a friendly reminiscence morning at Gainsborough Library, where we provide the refreshments and you bring your photos and memories of Gainsborough shops that have come and gone over the years. Our aim is to capture your memories of shops that you loved to

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