Gainsborough Heritage Centre holds a wide range of Marshall information including indentures, articles of apprenticeship, employee work cards, Marshall drawings, Marshall manuals, Aveling Marshall leaflets, books and DVDs. Please contact us here...

Articles of Apprenticeship and Indentures

Articles of Apprenticeship

These cover the period: 1852 - 1975 and are in alphabetical order by surname. Please note that the Centre does not have a full set of articles of apprenticeship that cover every Marshall employee.


The Centre holds a selection of names with dates of indentures from 1885 to 1930’s.

Marshall DVDs

The Centre have the following DVDs available for purchase from the shop.

150 Years of Marshalls at Gainsborough Works
Price: £10

Marshall Tractors
Price: £10

Britannia News
This was the Works Journal for Marshall's. Each DVD contains PDFs of the Journal for each month of that year. The Centre has the years 1958 to 1966 currently available and each DVD costs £5.

Marshall Books

The Centre has the following Marshall's books and publications available for purchase from our shop.

Marshall's of Gainsborough from the local point of view: Vol. 1: The Trent Works, the Technical School and Britannia Band
Price: £6.99

Description of Works Marshall Sons & Co Ltd
Publication No 1159, 1920, 48 pages

Road Marshall Series M Diesel Roller Drivers Guide
Price: £5

Fowler Leeds 40 b.h.p. Diesel Locomotive Publication No 2592. Spare Parts
Price: £35