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Research help and Enquiries

For research or family history enquiries, please email the research team: [email protected]

Archive Enquiries or Donations to Heritage Centre

For archive enquiries or offers of donations to the Heritage Centre, please email the archive team: [email protected]

Marshall Drawings and Enquiries

For enquiries relating to Marshall Sons & Co or drawings relating to the preservation of Marshall engines, please email the Marshall team: [email protected]


To contact the exhibitions team please email: [email protected]

Media and PR enquiries

For media and public relations enquiries please email: [email protected]


For enquiries about Gainsborough Heritage Association membership please email: [email protected]

Schools & School Visits

For enquiries about school visits to the Gainsborough Heritage Centre please email: [email protected]

Projects/Oral history

To take part or enquire about an interview for our Oral History project please email: [email protected]

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