How To Become A Volunteer

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at Gainsborough Heritage Centre please either contact us or visit the Centre during opening times.

A group of volunteers at the Grand Re-Opening of the Gainsborough Heritage Centre in September 2016. 

Linda's Story

A year ago I made a decision to become a volunteer at the GHA.  Until I spoke to the team I was unsure whether I had the appropriate skills to be of any use, but soon discovered that there are a wide variety of things to be done and volunteers are encouraged to find their preferred area.

Some people help with building restoration, computer skills, research, showing visitors around, exhibitions, extending the newspaper archive, cataloguing donations and Marshall drawings and even making tea and general housekeeping.

I have never looked back since making the decision to join the volunteers, not only have I had the opportunity to be involved in preserving the towns heritage, but I have also met many interesting people and made some lovely new friends. If you have an interest in local history and have some time to spare, I heartily recommend that you come along and ask about joining us.

Linda Clarke (Archive Volunteer)

Archive volunteers Rosemary Speck and Daisy Muir.