Mission Impossible: The Career of Simon Patrick

Paul Howitt-Cowan’s next talk on Wednesday 17 April is titled Mission Impossible: The Career of Simon Patrick.

Paul’s informative talk will explore how in 1608 a small group of women and children left Gainsborough being collected by a boat to take them to Stallingborough on the Humber estuary while the menfolk had set off to walk. Their rendezvous was a ship which was to take them to ‘freedom’. They were a tiny minority whilst the majority either conformed or decided to become the leaven within the Established Church.

Such a family were the Patricks, who lived in Gainsborough. Whilst much is being made of the Pilgrim Fathers and Mothers, and one cannot deny the epic and intrepid journey across the Atlantic in 1620, the biggest impact was to be made by those who stayed behind to fight their corner. Those who left these shores saw their mission as impossible whereas the majority who remained were open to a ‘mission possible’.

To find out more about this fascinating story come along at 7.30pm to Gainsborough House, 18 Parnell Street, Gainsborough, DN21 2NB. The evening will include a refreshment break of tea, coffee and biscuits.

Gainsborough House

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