Schools Learn About The History of Shopping in Gainsborough

Gainsborough’s Townscape Heritage Initiative has created 2 exciting new curriculum-based learning packages to enable local Primary school pupils to study the development of Gainsborough as a market town.  These were created in collaboration with an experienced teaching professional from a local Gainsborough school and are aimed at 7 to 11 year-olds.

Gainsborough Through Time and Change

This is a 5-lesson topic pack which studies how the streets and buildings in the town centre have developed since the early Victorian period and the factors that affected this development. 


Lesson 1 compares maps, street plans and aerial photographs from different periods.

Lesson 2 is a guided walk around the historic heart of Gainsborough with a worksheet.

Lesson 3 is about researching the history of buildings.

Lesson 4 is about drawing buildings.

Lesson 5 is about restoring the buildings and streets of Gainsborough to stimulate economic growth.


Colour my Heritage

This is a 2-hour workshop delivered in the classroom by Theresa Workman, our Townscape Heritage Activities Co-ordinator.  It investigates the history of shopping in Gainsborough and includes a design and technology session in which pupils will design a mood board for a Victorian or Georgian shop interior using authentic replica fabrics, wallpapers, and illustrations of furnishing.  Pupils then go on to plan the exterior of their shop on a worksheet.

This workshop was available to the first 5 schools that contacted us to book. We have actually booked 6 schools for the sessions and have had several very successful afternoons leading up to the Easter break at Castle Wood Academy, St Georges Academy and Corringham Primary.

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