The Young Generation gets into Regeneration!

We are proud to announce two pupils from Queen Elizabeth’s High School, have been appointed as Young Heritage Champions

The year 10 pupils from Gainsborough will be able to feed into decision making on building projects and planning of events as part of the Townscape Heritage Initiative.

Theresa Workman, Townscape Heritage Activity Co-ordinator, presented the importance of heritage-led regeneration at a school assembly in May. Her talk sparked enthusiasm and energy from the teenagers, who want to make a difference around Gainsborough.

We are so grateful the school staff have embraced our project and have been so keen to involve the pupils. It has allowed for fresh ideas and feedback through the interactions with the pupils. It has already improved my awareness of what insights the teenage population can provide with our regeneration work and town events.”

Following the assembly, pupils had the opportunity to apply for the position as though they were applying for a job. Ten pupils applied for the Young Heritage Champion role, which led to six being shortlisted and interviewed.

Reuben Scott and Alyssa Basu stood out from the range of talented students, leading to them both being appointed as Young Heritage Champions.

Mr Rick Eastham, Headteacher of Queen Elizabeth’s High School, is immensely proud of both students, as their year group suffered two years of disruption and social isolation due to Covid restrictions.

Introducing Reuben

Hello everyone, my name is Reuben Scott and I’d like to introduce myself as a Young Heritage Champion for Gainsborough as part of the Townscape Heritage Initiative. Gainsborough is particularly relevant to me because I’m in Year 10 at Queen Elizabeth’s High School and was born in the town.

In this upcoming year there is much to accomplish for well-being and development in Gainsborough. I would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity to be able to help in the growth of Gainsborough as an important location on the heritage map and to interact with the wider community to help boost community cohesion, as well as improving the ability of the town to cater to a variety of age ranges.

I am very excited to have the chance to advance various core skills, such as communication, networking and time management.

Over the next year I believe that many aspects of the town will become more fit for purpose whilst retaining the historical authenticity that Gainsborough has to offer.

I personally enjoy various features of history and physical geography and I am interested in modern technology, relating to computing and social media.

Things to look out for: a new festival (Heritage Skills Festival 2023) which is stocked with plenty of free workshops to pique your curiosity, development for listed buildings – these buildings will go through repairs and have new owners found for them, in addition to this, I hope to develop a new AR trail to attract the interest of my age group. Many other things will be discussed as the development of exciting new projects is paramount for progress.

I would encourage people to visit to see the town’s historic heart, and other fascinating heritage sites including Gainsborough Old Hall, Gainsborough Heritage Centre, the Old Nick, and the town heritage trail.

Introducing Alyssa

Hi everyone, my name is Alyssa Basu, and I am a year 10 student at queen Elizabeth’s. at the beginning of this term, I decided I would like to run for the young heritage champion, I had no self-belief, and after a meaningful chat with my form tutor and head of year I decided I would try my hardest to acquire this role.

I was born in Gainsborough and have lived at the heart of this historically rich town for all my life. Often, I enjoy taking long walks through the town centre to help me gain a deeper understanding about the historical foundations this town was built upon, I also enjoy spending time with my family and my horse oak.

I am extremely excited to see what my future with Gainsborough Townscape Heritage Initiative holds, and I am excited to introduce all my bright ideas to the already amazing team working on the Gainsborough heritage scheme.

When I first got offered this opportunity, I could not wait to make the change, which is needed in my hometown, which is what I’m truly passionate about. Although I love Gainsborough, I am aware this town needs to be changed for the better. And I truly believe myself as well as Reuben can voice the youth of Gainsborough and make major changes. This way, Gainsborough can continue to be the community we all know and love.  I’m majorly excited too see what my future holds as Gainsborough young heritage champion, and I hope to see some of your faces soon at our upcoming events!

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