41 Lord Street – Once the White Lion, now The Upper Crust

This week we continue along Lord Street with our study of the buildings targeted for grant assistance.  These grants could cover 80% of the cost for improvements and restoration.

We have paused at 41 Lord Street, currently operating as the Upper Crust Cafe.  The building is relatively young for Lord Street, being only 100 years old.  However, it stands on the site of The White Lion – a pub that is documented as far back as the 15th century.

This building stands out from its older neighbours with its 1920’s modernist architecture, but complements the streetscape, adding variety.  It is in relatively good condition and appears to only require a light amount of restoration.

We have created a ‘Historic Heart Board’ for each property that is within scope of the Townscape Heritage Initiative’s grant scheme.

These boards tell the history of the property and show old photographs (where we have them).  With the help of  the Heritage Centre we are able to list the different businesses that have operated from them.

The boards are designed to be attached to the building while it is being restored.   This gives the opportunity for passers-by to read about the building and about what work is being done.

We are still awaiting many owners who have not yet committed to the grant work  and so have decided to share the information on the boards now. 

Click on the link below to read all about number 41.

Historic Heart Board 41 Lord Street

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