Pillared House

Glimpses of Old Gainsborough 1894 Part Two

Friday, March 16, 1894 Glimpses of old Gainsborough Chats with the oldest inhabitant part two In the first interview with Mr Charles Markham of Spital Terrace, the oldest inhabitant of Gainsborough. I gathered many facts that were interesting especially to residents of the town. When I paid him a second

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Gainsborough Old Hall

The Old Hall, Gainsborough’s Jewel in the Town

Built by Sir Thomas Burgh around 1460, Gainsborough Old Hall is a beauty and true hidden gem. It was not only a home for the Burgh family, but also a status symbol- with Thomas presented with multiple positions from and in numerous Royal households, including being named Sheriff of Lincolnshire,

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Charles william Clarke 5th from left back row 5th Lincs band

Memories of a Soldier and Prisoner of the Great War

Charles William Clarke was born on 29th September, 1895 at his grandparents’ house in Gainsborough. Charlie, as he was known, lived with his family at 2 Gladstone Cottages, Morton.  He attended Morton School, which he left in 1909 at the age of 14. In 1912, Charlie started work at Marshall

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Spital Terrace

Glimpses of Old Gainsborough 1894 Part One

A serialisation from the Gainsborough News of the time:- A few days ago I called at the home of Mr Charles Markham, Spital Terrace, who was reputed to be, if not actually the oldest inhabitant, at any rate the oldest native of Gainsborough still living in the town. My object

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Anglo Saxon Chronicles

Gainsborough and the Anglo Saxon Chronicles

The Anglo Saxon Chronicle is probably the earliest written record of the town some 53 years prior to the Domesday Book. Both accounts are dealing with King Sweyn of Denmark and later his son Canute who was crowned King of England after his fathers death. A.D. 1013. The year after

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